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Reducing the Costs of Owning a Dogo

Dogos are great! They are loving, fun and outdoorsy. They bring us joy and happiness, but this breed might also dig a deep whole in our wallets. However, there are a few ways to reduce the costs of owning a Dogo, or any other dog for that matter.


- Spay or Neuter Your Dogo

Spaying or neutering your Dogo makes lots of sense, especially when you think about the serious problem of pet overpopulation and the huge number of Dogos up for adoption all across the nation. However, overpopulation is not the only reason for altering your Dogo. An altered dog is less likely to roam around looking for "action" which can get them in all kinds of trouble like car accidents and fights. Also, altering your pet decreases the risk for cancer in their reproductive organs later in life - a fact that can save your dog a lot of misery, and you a lot of money.

- Shop for Your Dogo Online

Shopping online is usually much cheaper and a lot easier than shopping in a regular store. In fact, there many great Pet Stores online that will ship food, toys and even medication directly to your doorstep - Free of charge! Why pay more for dog food, flea & tick medication and toys if you don’t have too?

- Learn How to Groom Your Dogo

You can definitely save some money if you groom your Dogo yourself. Clipping nails, cleaning ears, bathing, shampooing and brushing is a great way to bond with your dog and it is not difficult at all. Just ask your vet to show you how it should done, and then just practice, practice, practice. Last but not least, make sure to teach your Dogo very early on that grooming isn’t dangerous and that it can be rather nice ….if you teach him this, the grooming part will be so much easier for your Dogo, for you and for your wallet.

- Insure Your Dogo

If your Dogo falls ill and need surgery, the veterinarian bills can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And if your huge pooch decides to chew on all the trimmings in your rental apartment, your manager might end up charging you loads of money for the damage. By insuring your Dogo you can easily avoid some of these problems and even if you often have to pay a deductible fee, a dog insurance will most likely end up saving you lots of dough!

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