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The Terror of Antifreeze

During winter, many car owners use Antifreeze in their vehicle’s radiators. The main ingredient in Antifreeze is Ethylene glycol, which is tremendously poisonous. It can for instance cause kidney failure in dogs in less than a few hours and the scary thing is that even small amounts of Antifreeze can be lethal.

Since Antifreeze has a sweet taste, dogs tend to lick it off garage floors, parking spaces and so forth whenever they get the chance. This means that it is immensely important that you keep an eye on your dog whenever you are in areas where your dog can come in contact with this lethal substance.

Also, if you suspect that your dog has ingested Antifreeze you should take him to your vet straight away. Kidney damage caused by Antifreeze is usually very critical and even though it may not even be irreversible, taking your dog to the vet as soon as possible is the best and only way to go.


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