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Dognapping On the Rise

Dognapping is not really a new phenomenon, but during the last couple of years it has become more and more common. Most dognappings are considered to be crimes of opportunity, but there are also professional dog thieves out there who steal dogs in order to make some extra bucks.

Dogs are most often taken from outside restaurants and shops and from parked cars. However, ruthless thieves have also been known for robbing dog owners of their beloved friends when walking their dogs in broad daylight, or from their back yard.

For millions of dog owners, our dogs are not just pets. They are much-loved family members – a fact that many dognappers try to cash out on. For instance, it is not uncommon that dognappers steal dogs in the attempt to ransoming the animals back to their owners. And you don’t have to be rich or famous for your dog to become a victim. Most dognappers know that regular people will pay lots of money to get their four-legged friend back. However, most dognappers steal pedigree dogs with the intent to sell them off to unknowing buyers.

Even though it is very difficult to protect yourself and your dog against cold-blooded dognappers who might rob you of your little friend in the middle of the street, there are things that you could do to protect your little pooch:

Never leave your dog unattended. Most dogs are stolen from outside stores and restaurants, where they are tied up and left alone.

Dogs are also stolen from cars and gardens, so again, always keep an eye on your dog.

Never let a stranger watch your dog for a few minutes while you go into an establishment. It is better to leave your dog at home!

Make sure to microchip your dog. Even though a microchip will not protect him or her against brutal dognappers, it might help you get your dog back.

Last but not least, if you are buying a dog from a stranger, make sure it is not stolen. Ask for birth records, records from the vet, etc. If the dog is tattooed or microchipped, check if the person selling the dog really is the owner.

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