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Dogos need lots of exercise! They are very active, playful dogs and regular exercise is of vital importance in order for them to preserve their famous muscle tone.

Coat Care

Since the coat is short and has no undercoat, it is quite easy to maintain. Brushing the coat once or twice a week is basically enough. However, one should be aware of that Dogos have sensitive skin and are prone to skin irritations and allergies. When bathing your Dogo, always use a gentle dog shampoo. Dogos are also sensitive to sunlight and can easily get sunburn, so never ever leave them outside in the sun for an extended period of time. Last but not least, for being such a shorthaired breed; Dogos tend to shed more than one might think.

Trimming the Nails

A Dogo´s nails grow relatively fast, so they should be trimmed regularly, every two weeks or so. If the nails get too long they can easily get caught in blankets and other things. Also, too long nails can make it painful for your Dogo to walk. If you don’t feel like cutting the nails yourself, there are plenty of vets and grooming places out there that can do it for you!

Cleaning the Ears

If your Dogo´s ears are cropped, you will soon notice that they tend to collect a lot of dirt. It is very important to keep your dog’s ears nice, dry and clean. Use a soft tissue or a cotton ball (never a Q-Tip) to wipe the ears clean. If your Dogo starts shaking his head a lot or scratching his ears, it is time to give the ears some extra attention. Also, if your dog’s ears start to smell funny, you should talk to your vet since this often is a sign of some kind of fungus or infection.

Giving your Dogo a bath

Dogos tend to love a good bath, but it is not necessary to bath them unless they are actually dirty. Since their skin is sensitive, you should choose a mild shampoo for your four-legged friend.

The Teeth

It is a really good idea to clean your Dogo’s teeth from time to time, since this prevents him from getting both bad breath and bad teeth and gums. You’ll find finger toothbrushes and toothpaste for dogs in basically any pet store, so try to do some brushing. (You should NEVER use toothpaste for humans when brushing your dog’s teeth, since this is toxic to dogs).

Many Dogo owners usually don’t brush their Dogo’s teeth until it is absolutely necessary. By this time, your Dogo will probably not let you brush his teeth since he is not used to it. In this case, try to get him to chew on those “teeth-cleaning-chews” you’ll find in the pet store. They do help and dogs tend to love them!

Another solution is of course to let your vet clean your dog’s teeth. This is usually a fast procedure, but one that involves anesthetizing your dog.

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