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Country of Origin Date of Origin
Argentina Late 1920s
Family Height
Mastiff 23.5 - 27.5 inches
Weight Color
80 - 100 Lbs White
Life Expectancy Health
10 -12 years Generally a very healthy breed that needs plenty of exercise.
The Name  
The Dogo Argentino is also known as the Dogo, the Argentine Dogo and the Argentinean Mastiff.
A Developed Breed  
The Dogo was developed in Argentina by Dr. Antonio Nores Martinez during the 1920's. The Dogo is one breed “developed” from ten.
Other facts  
In Argentina, the Dogo is bred to hunt big game such as boar and mountain lion. The Dogo achieved recognition with the Argentine Kennel Club in 1964, but is not yet fully recognized by AKC.

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