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Three Common Health Issues

Dogos are generally very healthy dogs, but there are three common health issues that should be addressed here:

- Deafness

Despite the fact that the Dogo is a relatively rare breed in North America, it still has a few genetic problems. The one genetic fault that comes with the breed, because it is a white coated dog, is deafness. It is estimated that about ten percent of Dogos are born deaf and this is the reason why most reputable breeders have their Dogo Argentino puppies B.A.E.R tested.


- Skin problems

Because of its white color, the Dogo´s skin is more sensitive than many other dogs´. Many Dogos are prone to skin allergies and/or irritations, so when bathing a Dogo one should always use a very gentle shampoo. Also, Dogos can easily sunburn so if kept outside for a long period of time, they need some shadow!

- Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is the most common inherited orthopedic disease in large breeds, but it also occurs in several medium-sized breeds. Hip Dysplasia affects millions of dog every year and is caused by the fact that the femoral head does not fit properly in the hip pocket, causing instability of the joint. Over time, this malformation can cause the dog much pain, as well as stiffness and immobility.

As always, if your dog is experiencing any kind of health problem(s), always contact your veterinarian.


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