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11 months
Posted by:    on 2011-05-19


11 month 90 lb male dogo
11 month 90 lb male dogo

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Dogo in the snow.  Beautiful Dogo Argentino female. Belle and Bronco all tuckered from a long day of playing... snuggle time! Here is his white side, just over 2 years old and boy are we happy with the turn out.  This is what a dogo should look like.  Thank you to Eduardo Lavado. YoYo-7 months old-60 lbs 6 1/2 month old female
Sassy was left unattended with a VERY LARGE bag of potting soil... and she made, um, good use of it... This is the most accurate head in the breed.  We will soon have the chance to see if he passes this head to his offspring as he will be coupled with Abuelita de la Historia! White with black spots, all muscle and happy-dogginess!  We got her at the shelter; she was a second-chance dog; she had been returned before. they list her as dalmation mix but she reminds me so much of these! This is belle just about four months old! 6 months

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