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11 months
Posted by:    on 2011-05-19


11 month 90 lb male dogo
11 month 90 lb male dogo

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breeding puppies in a month #18703552422 or 18703551225 price when born white with a brennal patch on the eye she is a massive and boogoe SAME Don't hate me because I am beautiful and I am living the life of rich and famous and spoiled rotten.  That' found girls from Plant City are raised. a dogo how a dogo should be.
a little bit silly Diego fighting with his birthday present. Diego Diego comes from kennel Knausserwald an he was born on 21. April 2004.
He is the love of my life. Gracie was sent to us from my newphew who is stationed in Iraq.  He knew that Gracie needed some attention and lots of love and knew exaxtly where to send her.  To Us!!!  She is running wild on 5 arces of land and we are spoiling her to death.  She has brought so much joy to our home.

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