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11 months
Posted by:    on 2011-05-19


11 month 90 lb male dogo
11 month 90 lb male dogo

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Big Wht Dogo ,Lrg Tongue And A Big Fat Baby 1Yr 3Months 10 months old can you tell by his pic if he is dogo i got him at 6 weeks of age i was told he was pit bull but he looks alot like your dogo's White tiered to taking pictures
I now your not talkin to me! Haley was a rescue dog from Pet Rescue By Judy.
She was our Foster and watch her move from home to home and returned many times she is close to our Heart alltho we are not 100% sure of her Breed im sure from what iv read and seen in her looks and behavior she is a Dogo. Either way we are keep her and she now has a forever home She is all smiles He is 19 months in this photo, and maturing steadily.  I love so much about this Dogo.  This is what a dogo should look like. the three boyz laying on the deck by the pool, 7 months old

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