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Things you should know before getting a Dogo…

The Dogo Argentino is a wonderful guard dog. He is loyal to his family and friends, playful and very intelligent. This is a dog that will treat his folks with kindness and protect them at all costs.

Dogo owners should be careful on how they train their Dogos, since they are very strong. The Dogo puppy should be taught basic obedience very early on, since it will soon grow up to become a very physically powerful dog. One of the most attractive qualities of these dogs is their temperament. Dogos are known for being very tolerant towards children due to their high tolerance for pain, which comes from the selective breeding to make them big game hunters. So despite the stereotype, the average, sound-minded Dogo is not a threat where children are concerned. Nevertheless, huge dogs can easily knock over small children - hurting them unintentionally – so the combination of children and Dogos should be carefully considered.

Dogos can get along famously with other canines and pets, if they have been properly socialized. However, they are generally very protective of what they think is their territory and will guard it with their life. They can be aggressive towards other dogs, even though they are not usually the instigator. In other words, they will not start a fight, but they have the ability to finish one!

Even though Dogos may differ a lot from each other (some might be shy while others are outgoing, some might be lively while others are mild-mannered etc.), they usually have these five things in common:

- Their need for lots of exercise and stimulation

Dogos are strong working dogs that need to be stimulated. If they don’t get enough exercise, they can and probably will become bored (which can lead to destructive behavior). But if you are looking for a well-built outdoorsy dog that you can play with for hours, take jogging or hiking in the mountains, a Dogo might be just the dog for you!

- Some people might not like having them around

Dogos may be prohibited in some areas, such as boardwalks. In addition, your neighbors might not like having your Dogo around. Today, owning a breed that is known for being a “fighter,” can be difficult. People might for instance be quick to sue if your dog does something wrong. Also, many insurance companies will not provide liability insurance if you own certain breeds, such as this one.

- They need to be carefully socialized

Dogos are very sweet, curious, clever, and “clownish”, but most also have “protective instincts” when it comes to people they don’t know. This means that Dogos must be socialized properly so they won’t be suspicious of everyone or scared around people they do not know – two situations that might lead to problems such as unfriendly behavior.

- They can be aggressive towards dogs of the same sex

Some Dogos are dominant or even aggressive toward other dogs, especially if the other dog is of the same sex. Remember that this is a dog bred to hunt for big game such as mountain lions and therefore capable of seriously injuring or even killing other animals. So again, training your Dogo well is important.

- Dogos are great Dogs

Dogos are great dogs, not only size wise. They are known for their outgoing, attention seeking nature and their affection for people. They are lovely dogs that unfortunately are very misunderstood. So before getting a Dogo, make sure that you are prepared to deal with people’s questions and concerns, as well as their ignorance about the breed.

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